What Kind Of Leather Bags Lasts The Longest?

What Kind Of Leather Bags Lasts The Longest?

What Kind Of Leather Bags Lasts The Longest?

Conversation between 2 ladies in a party.

Mrs. G: Good Evening, Mrs. C. You look chic in your outfit. OH! What a lovely bag, must be new.

Mrs. C: Hello, Mrs. G. Good to see you. You look great yourself. This bag is not new Mrs. C. It is more than 7 years old.

Mrs. G: I am surprised! None of my leather bags ever lasted that long.

Mrs. C: Neither did mine a few years back until I started researching on the qualities that a leather bag should possess.

Mrs. G: If that is the case I would love to take a few advises from you on purchasing a leather bag. Please tell me about your research. I am all ears.

Mrs. C: My pleasure, Mrs. G. In order to judge whether a bag is supreme or trivial, a combination of three factors have to be considered.

  1. Which Leather it is made from.

  2. The way it is treated

  3. The rank of its grain

The type of animal from which it is made is the cardinal factor to consider.

Mrs. G: Yes! Often I am on the horns of a dilemma when it comes to choosing between cowhide or goat hide.

Mrs. C: When it comes to the selection of hide for bags, if you are looking for something that is going to last lifetime then its full grain cowhide leather bag you should choose from. However, if you are looking for something vintage and rustic and in affordable prices which will last for 7-8 years and the shade of brown looks good, then in that case you should go for goat leather bags.

Firstly, cowhide is more durable than goatskin. The durability of cowhide can be attributed to its thickness. The more the thickness the more the durability. Goat skin is very thin and soft, however with proper lining of canvas inside, it will can take the weight and beating.

Secondly, Full Grain cowhide leather bags do not burn a heavy hole in your pocket. Cowhide is widely available as it is the byproduct of beef industry. Hence, leather bags made from these hides are attainable at affordable prices. Thus investing on a cowhide leather bag assures that the pennies shelled are not unnecessary. You get what you pay for.

Also, cowhide is highly abrasion resistant. Wear and tears are a rare occurrence in cowhide. They are one of the most robust hides be it in structure or smell.

One of the paramount specialties of cowhide leather is that hand-crafting and tool-designing can be done without much strain. Their thick surface allows craftsmen to inscribe his ideas on it, to render a unique and beautiful design.

The “A-grade”, also known as full-grain, cowhide leather has a smooth, pebble grained appearance admired by many. This grained surface brings together ruggedness and class in the most appealing way.

When it comes to care and maintenance of leather bags, it costs nil a penny to keep a cowhide bag look as good as new for life. If you are one among those who prefer to leave your bags to take on a patina and develop character with age. Trust me, cowhide ages most elegantly. It has that vintage look adhered to it from the beginning, which just grows more deep and rich as it ages. Some of the cowhide leather can even be colored efficiently to give them a catchy and vibrant look.

So Mrs. G, are you now sure which road to take when it comes to selection of animal hides for your leather bags?

Mrs. G: Of course Mrs. C. I will undoubtedly opt for cowhide leather bags. Thanks a ton. You were of utmost help.

Mrs. C: Also. I suggest that you visit www.luleabychesneau.com to shop for your leather bags. Most of my purchases are from this site as they give you various options of handmade leather bags at very affordable prices.

Mrs. G: Thanks again, Mrs. C. Have a wonderful evening.


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