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About us

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Founded by award-winning, internationally acclaimed premium leather and accessories designer, Edmond Chesneau, Luxury Leather Africa (LULEA) is an enterprise for social impact.

Our center of excellence is based in Thika, Kenya. We specialize in training Kenyans to be masters in the creation of luxury leather goods of outstanding quality for the global market by constant and sustained training approach. All LULEA collections are designed and crafted on location under the watchful gaze of our founder and master craftsman, Edmond Chesneau.

LULEA won an Ethical Fashion award at the House of Lords in London in 2013. Another award was received from the Kenyan Ministry of Industrialization in 2014 for its contribution to the East African leather industry. We are rewriting the African narrative by choosing to invest in what we believe.

Edmond Chesneau began his career in Ireland as a designer under the tuition of a former master craftsman from internationally-renowned luxury leather goods house, Hermes. Mr. Chesneau’s 35 years’ experience coaching workforces in Ireland and Asia has helped him conceive a knowledge transfer model in the techniques and traditions of leather craftsmanship that he continues to pass to the Lulea trainee staff.

“For close to 40 years I have been in the business of designing, producing and marketing leather accessories for luxury markets around the world. Lulea gives me the opportunity to apply this life-long experience into a meaningful business model in an environment that is now thankfully ready for sustainable growth and development.”

“Do well, do good and feel good about it”.’ We implement this philosophy by investing in building capacity by creating a permanent asset for our trainee/workforce, jobs with real potential to change lives, while building an economically and socially sustainable enterprise in all transparency for all stakeholders. This philosophy symbolized by our elephant logo; an animal which passes on wisdom and knowledge accumulated through its lifetime to empower the community with the necessary skills to survive and thrive.

All LULEA products are designed and crafted on location in Thika, a town situated approx. 40km north of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, and designed to appeal to the emerging fashion consumer who wishes to be associated with an affordable luxury brand that “does well and does good” and enables the customer to feel good about their product choice and be part of a good story.

LULEA describes it’s accessory collections as “beautifully crafted and having a timeless equestrian aesthetic appeal”, that use locally sourced leather and other raw materials including partnering with local communities to create beautiful and brightly colored hand-woven Kenyan wool and cotton fabrics creating a delicate balance between luxury and design and using the best possible raw materials all sourced within Kenya.